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BlackBird Finance Announces a New Partnership - Press Release

Two puzzle pieces coming together symbolizing BlackBird Financial Planning new partnership.

BlackBird Finance Announces a New Partnership


BlackBird Financial Planning has partnered with Betterment Securities as its custodian.


PAGOSA SPRINGS, CO, December 01, 2022 / — BlackBird Financial Planning under BlackBird Finance LLC has announced a new partnership with Betterment Securities. This brings a new service level for clients seeking in-depth investment management.

BlackBird Financial Planning chose to enlist Betterment Securities as a custodian. We chose them because of their reputation and the services offered, which will help us best serve our clients. Betterment Securities provides back-office functions, record keeping, and client reporting to enhance our ability to serve our clients. Additionally, we will now be able to execute security transactions for clients looking for complete investment management. However, clients that prefer to complete security transactions on their own will continue to be able to do so with BlackBird support.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our client’s relationship with money, and this new partnership with Betterment will enrich the investment management we provide.”
Founder and Financial Planner, Nathan Mueller MBA

Clients will now have the best of both worlds with financial planning and complete investment management at their fingertips. BlackBird Financial Planning and the partnership with Betterment Securities as a custodian will be in effect as of this press release.

BlackBird Finance: It is our firm belief that everyone should have access to outstanding financial services, and we make it our mission to offer you a chance to achieve your dreams through financial coaching, financial planning, and money management.

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