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What is the difference between a coach and an advisor? - BlackBird Finance

Financial coaches and financial advisors are not the same things. However, they are similar in a lot of respects. It isn’t a one or the other approach both can help elevate you financially.
Often a financial coach will be the bridge to the advisor.

It is said that personal finance is composed of 80% behavior and 20% knowledge. An advisor is more analytical, numbers and investments focused. A financial coach on the other hand is more focused on the 80%, behavior, your relationship with money. A coach will work with you on budgeting, getting out of debt, planning for big life events, and strategizing for retirement. An advisor will put together an investment portfolio and do complex financial planning.

An easy analogy: an advisor is your workout routine, and a coach is a trainer. Lifting weights and doing cardio will get you results. Working with a trainer by your side, however, will help you stay accountable for getting into the gym, reminding you why you are working out, and cheering you on.

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