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Married couple with money problems

We all experience financial issues sometime in our lives. You may have faced different situations and expectations related to money. These situations and expectations result in how you feel about the money today. Similar is the case with your spouse. According to AP research, about 4 out of 5 adults in America experience financial insecurity once in their life.

Although money is an important factor that can affect your relationship, most people don’t talk about it with their spouses. Lack of money related communication can create marriage money issues that can, later on, lead to a divorce. One Survey reported that money is the second most common reason people get a divorce, the first one is infidelity.

Considering the seriousness of the issue, you must know how money issues can ruin your relationship. This will help you find ways to avoid conflicts. Some of the ways money problems can affect your relationship are:

How Money Problems in Marriage Lead to Divorce?

Conflicting Money Values:

If you expect parity with your partner without communicating anything, this might not be the case. People have different values and habits related to spending and saving money. Some are more money conscious and others like to live in the moment. If you and your spouse value money differently, you may get into money conflicts in your relationship. It is usually seen that couples with similar money values and habits are more happy and successful as compared to those who are not.

No budget:

One of the reasons couples experience money related issues in a marriage is that they don’t set their budget. This means that there is no check and balance of how much and where to spend. The lack of transparency leads each partner guessing how much was spent on groceries or gas, making it quite easy to overspend.  Moreover, if there is no budget, you can accumulate debt without even knowing about it. Time spent tracking and building a budget may very well save your marriage and as an added bonus strengthen it.No money secrets in a relationship

Money Secrets:

You may be loyal to your partner, but if you are spending money without your spouse being aware of it, you will be in trouble. Moreover, being extravagant while your spouse is cutting off the needs to save money, can lead to a serious problem as well. What happens is when these couples then speak about finances and spending habits are brought to light, things erupt. Individuals will feel let down or feel they are being scolded. This intern then leads to avoidance of financial communication further worsening. Two solutions. One, be transparent and don’t be devious. Two, it is usually recommended to agreeably keep some money separated in the budget, so that both of you can splurge some bucks without any problem.

Too Practical:Having fun with money with a nice dinner.

Some people are money-conscious, and you may be the one. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and if this is the route both spouses have decided on, by all means keep securing your financial future. However, if you don’t enjoy your money ever and don’t let your spouse do so, you are attracting some marriage money issues.

Set some money in the budget aside for fun for the both of you. When you reach financial milestones reinforce positive behaviors and have some fun. To enjoy money doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot, or all of the budget in one night, but surprising your partner with a gift, or going out to dinner, or celebrating your anniversary at a concert will bring closeness, happiness, and money related freedom and security.


Marriage money issues are not unavoidable or unsolvable. The most important thing is communication. Communicate openly with your partner, share money related insecurities, your plans, and values related to money. It doesn’t matter how you manage money, but a lack of communication and transparency can ruin your relationship. Identify the root cause of your problems and find ways to solve them.