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Mar, 05
imposter syndrome
All Articles, Budgeting & Saving, Money Behaivors

How Luxury Consumption May Be Hurting You-“Impostor Syndrome”

Impostor Syndrome Impostor syndrome is an unfamiliar term to many people. It can affect our self-esteem, confidence, and ...

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Feb, 02
BlackBird Finance: Retirement Nest Eggs
All Articles, Economic & Investment

5 Ways To Improve Your Retirement Account Today

5 Ways To Improve Your Retirement Account Today   If you are looking to create a comfortable retirement, ...

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Jan, 29
blackbird finance - money personality quiz
All Articles, Money Quizzes

Quiz: Money Personality


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Jan, 03
Mobile notary: customer signing document
All Articles, Economic & Investment, Money Behaivors

Making Sense of a Notary & Signature Guarantee

As a provider of mobile notary services in Pagosa Springs we found out a lot of people confuse ...

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Dec, 02
extra money - coins stacking up from saving money
All Articles, Budgeting & Saving

Finding Extra Money: 7 Easy Ways

Finding Extra Money: 7 Easy Ways Are you struggling to find extra money to payoff debt? Or save ...

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Nov, 19
Children Playing
All Articles, Family & Relationships, Money Behaivors

Debt Creates Side Effects for Children

How Debt Creates Unexpected Side Effects for Children   We all know that debt is not a good ...

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Nov, 10
Dollar Cost Averaging
All Articles, Economic & Investment

Dollar Cost Averaging and the Benefits

Dollar Cost Averaging   Investing can be an intimidating area of finance. We all know the market carries ...

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Oct, 22
Married couple with money problems
All Articles, Family & Relationships

How Money Problems Can Ruin A Relationship

We all experience financial issues sometime in our lives. You may have faced different situations and expectations related ...

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Sep, 24
EtF - growing your financial knowledge
All Articles, Economic & Investment

I need the lowdown on what an ETF is

  What’s an ETF (exchange traded fund) ?   ETFs are an incredibly powerful tool that investors can ...

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