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Tap into our financial coaching, financial planning, and daily money management services to achieve your financial goals.

What We Do

Daily Money Management


Ideal for seniors, disabled adults, or folks that are too busy. We help you stay up to date with daily money chores and provide a better grasp on money management. We can assist you with many tasks from bill paying, mail organization, file management, expense and budget tracking, tax organization, ...

Financial Coaching


Perfect for those who are facing financial issues and want a better understanding on the basics of personal finance. If a cloud of debt is hovering over your dreams, or you are living paycheck to paycheck this is the service for you. As Dave Ramsey trained financial coaches we will ...

Financial Planning


If you need to build a strategy with your money we will be there to set you up with a comprehensive plan made simple for you to understand. As fiduciaries, we will put your best interests forward when it comes to retirement, investments, education, debt, etc.

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Top Services

Retirement Planning

Our experts will help you set goals for your retirement, including how to select the best retirement account, how much money you will need to save based on your lifestyle, ...

Mobile Notary Public

Pagosa Springs mobile notary service. We will come to you and take care of all your public notary needs. No more running around and coordinating work schedules.

Debt and Budget

The stress of debt can increase cortisol levels which can affect your long-term health. We will show you strategies to decrease your debt and help you develop the right budget ...

Investment Consultation,
Asset Allocation Recommendation

We will analyze and create a strategy for your investments. Partner with someone that will help you build a diversified low-cost portfolio adapted to your risk tolerance and financial goals.

Mail-File Management & Bill Pay

A daily money manager will ensure that nothing is lost in a pile and payments are mailed on time. No more missing paperwork – we will organize it for you.

General Financial Guidance

No more guesswork! We can help you understand saving for higher education, types of insurance, investments, estate planning, how to select the best financial advisor, etc.

We Are Proud to Say, BlackBird Will Elevate Your Financial Situation!

Some Interesting Facts

The National Financial Educators Council conducts financial literacy surveys and studies. Take a look at some of the surprising statistics about Americans and money.


Percent of Americans don't have a budget or know how much they spend on average.


Percent of adults agree they could benefit from advice and answers to everyday financial questions from a professional.


Percent of Americans feel confident they are saving enough for retirement.


Percent of Americans carry credit card debt over month to month.

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