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Things To Do In Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs: things to do

Things To Do In Pagosa Springs

Things to do in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, comes in all shapes and sizes. It is known for the World’s deepest hot springs, first off. Then you got Wolf Creek Ski Mountain down the road and a pleather of other outdoor activities available to you.

As a passionate outdoor enthusiast I explore during my free time and then when comes to paying the bills I’m a financial advisor in Pagosa Springs. I decided to share some information with anyone visiting. It is a twist on the typical financial articles I normally write about but since a lot of clients, I work with virtually come visit at some point after I talk the place up. I figured I should jot down some of the best things to do so that I don’t have to keep repeating myself.

The first thing you should know is the town is surrounded by the scenic San Juan Mountains and the San Juan River flows through the town. At an elevation of 7126ft above sea level if you’re not used to the altitude be aware. There are many things to do in Pagosa Springs, whether it’s hiking, skiing, fishing, relaxing, or feeling the misty spray of a waterfall.



The Hippie Chick Massage is the perfect place to unwind from a day of sightseeing. It has an inviting and warm ambiance. Make a solo appointment or attend with a significant other for a relaxing couples massage.

The Overlook Hot Springs Spa offers a unique view of the hot springs. It also provides couples massages, as well as a courtyard full of soaking tubs and cold plunges. No reservations are required for a soak in the hot springs.



The Pagosa Spring Center for the Arts offers live entertainment in the form of theatre. Buy season tickets if you are a frequent visitor or enroll in their summer theatre programs. Tourists can purchase one-time-only tickets to their current season’s show. It’s always surprising the quality of acting you find in this small town. You just wouldn’t expect it but the theatre has an underground following where talented actors/actresses seek it out.

The Liberty Theatre is Colorado’s fourth oldest movie theatre. It has gone through a recent renovation improving the movie-watching experience. While this small theatre can’t always afford to pay the premium for the newly released big blockbuster movies you will still find quality movies to enjoy. The price of admission at $9 for adults and $7 for children keeps your movie-watching experience affordable.


Opal Lake pagosa springsHiking and Trails

Hiking trails had to make the list of activities to enjoy when you visit Pagosa Springs. With as many as there are around town, this is a short list of some of the more popular ones for a good reason.

The Piedra River Trail is a 7.3 out-and-back route and takes an estimated three hours to complete. It is not exceedingly challenging to complete and is a popular spot to for hiking, fishing, and birding. The first part of the hike meanders through a gorgeous canyon.

The San Juan River Walk is a 3.2 out-and-back trail that only takes about an hour to complete. Less of a hike and more of a walk. It’s flat and paved it runs through town alongside the San Juan River. A great walk with little preparation needed.

Opal Lake trail is 2.4 miles round trip and is hard to pass up. A great family-friendly hike that ends at a lake. You will get to enjoy patches of wildflowers and beautiful aspen groves along the way. A little steep in the beginning but well worth it.


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Treasure Falls is about 15 miles out of Pagosa. It derives its name from the rumored legend of a buried treasure near the falls. Tourists can stop at Misty Deck a quarter mile from the falls to get a Treasure Falls Pagosa Springsview of the water from a safe distance. It is a family-friendly excursion, with benches along the way.

Treasure Falls Trail is only .7 miles and is perfect for those who want a more relaxing stroll. Dogs are allowed but must be on leashes. The falls are best in the springtime when snow melt is at its greatest.

The Fourmile Falls trail is moderately challenging and 6.2 miles out-and-back (contrary to what its name might suggest). It is dog and horse-friendly, as well as an ideal place to camp out. This trail is located in the Weminuche Wilderness area of Pagosa Springs.


Hot Springs

The largest and most popular hot springs in Pagosa is The Springs Resort. It has numerous pools for soaking in and runs along the river. If you are brave enough, you can hop into the cold river water. It is open year-round and often has live music. It is a must-try experience.

The Overlook Hot Springs has its own wonderful qualities. It has a roman bathhouse feel inside, an adult-only courtyard with soaking tubs, and a fun rooftop area. The rooftop has three large tubs for soaking as well as a sauna. A great place to stare at the stars or watch a sunset or just watch the hustle and bustle of main street

The last conventional hot springs to share is Healing Waters Resort & Spa. A quieter and less elaborate of an experience doesn’t mean you should pass on this hot springs. Its strengths lie by having two gender-divided indoor bath houses where clothing is optional. A large pool outside makes it very kid friendly and then you have a large soaking tub to sneak away to in the back.

Piedra River Hot Springs, also known as Sheep Creek Hot Springs, costs nothing to explore. Although located 45 minutes from the downtown area of Pagosa Springs, tourists believe the scenery is worth the drive. Its one-and-a-half-mile hike is simple to complete, and sure not to disappoint.


Wolf Creek Ski ResortSnowboarding and Skiing

If you love the thrill of sliding down a mountain during the winter then don’t pass up Wolf Creek Ski Resort. On average it tends to get some of the most snow in Colorado. There are trails for all abilities. However, if you are an extreme skier or boarder you will want to check out the knife ridge hike.



Water Sports

If you’re still looking for things to do in Pagosa Springs, check out the water sports. 40 minutes away is Navajo Lake covering 24 sq. miles. If you want to water ski, check out Navajo Lake Jet Ski Rentals. They offer a variety of jet skis, including 2021 Sea-Doo jet skis, and stand-up jet skis. Tourists can also wakeboard, knee-board, or tube behind the jet ski instead. In mid-summer water temperatures range from 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tubing. You also have the option to tube the San Juan River that runs through the heart of Pagosa Springs. Multiple shops rent tubes or purchase your own at Walmart. As the summer rolls on tubing usually gets milder as the snow melt dissipates the river flow lessens. Late June to early August is typically the best time for families to float the river. The river isn’t completely tame expect 4-6 sections of man-made water drops/rapids along the way.


Hot Air Balloon Ride

In Pagosa, it is very common to see hot air balloons floating by in the morning hours. There are even festivals during the year when you can see 30+ balloons ascending around town. If you want to get the most stunning views of the mountains consider this unique experience.

If you want to raise your vacation experience a little higher, visit Pagosa Adventure to rent a hot air balloon ride. Wilderness Journey Pagosa is another option that offers similar prices and packages.

A sunrise flight meets at 7:30 a.m., includes a continental breakfast, and costs $150. Evening flights start at 3:30 p.m. and cost $225 per person. If you want to celebrate someone’s special day, celebration flights also begin at 7:30 a.m. and cost $250. Its perks include a celebration banner on the balloon, premium flight beverages, and a choice between cake or chocolate-covered strawberries.


National MonumentChimney Rock National Monument

Last, but not least, the Chimney Rock National Monument is a famous and sacred attraction at Pagosa Springs. Its open season lasts from May 15 to September 30. It is an off-the-beaten-path site, featuring archaeological history. Chimney Rock covers seven square miles of ground which houses ancient homes and ceremonial buildings. Some of these include a pit house, multi-family dwelling, and Chacoan-style Great House Pueblo. The hike to the top of the rock is half a mile and rewards its visitors with a 360-degree view of Colorado and New Mexico.

Concluding Words

There are many things to do in Pagosa Springs on your next vacation, with options appropriate for many activity levels and interests. Whether you are coming to visit based upon recommendations from your financial advisor in Pagosa Springs or for another reason its many options promise a memorable vacation for your next leisure trip.

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